iDeal S.R.L. (iDeal)

i-Deal S.R.L. is the development in form of corporation of the autonomous activities, with more than 15 year experience in business and research in the field of IT, clothing and research of its founders E.Alessandro Canepa and Stefano Fasana. It has been set up in the present form under the decree Law of October 2012 of Monti government to support the new innovation activities in Italy, in line with the EC politics in terms of new entrepreneurship  development. Company activity is focused on an original know how of the company, which joints a deep knowledge of textile and clothing business, in particular in the research fields of production, energy, management and interoperability on one side and of IT, mathematics and organization of the other. The business experience has been enriched by a long lasting participation into EC funded projects of its founders. i-Deal has also developed and is testing an original and specific know how in the systems to support clothing on line sales, and in particular an innovative solution to match clothing sizes and consumers measures to optimize consumers choice. Previous research and business experiences in collaboration major industrial groups (Zegna, Corneliani), e-commerce (Vente Privee, BuyVip, Privalia, Born4Shop,Yoox), information technology (TXT e-solutions, Intel) and public bodies (European Commission, Italian Prime ministry Agency for Innovation Development, Textile Innovation Pole, DITF Germany, Euratex) are part of the background of the i-Deal key personnel.