Morpheos platform is designed to support design process of EU fashion and interior design SME industries providing the integration of IT technology used for the morphological definition of human body and preferences identification, within the design process of the EU creative industries.

The synergy provided by this integration will be flexible and open to almost numerous possibilities of exploiting morphological information and preferences (lifestyle) of consumers to satisfy the increasing product customization needs of the creative manufacturing.

The long run ambition of Morpheos is to create in EU the largest single ecosystem based on consumer morphology and lifestyle knowledge, breaking the US monopoly and providing, for the first time in EU, a common and open standardized instrument supporting European SMEs.

Per each level  of application scenario Morpheos will provide a new service to product designers and a virtual laboratory where:

  1. to exploit consumer morphological and use information to indicate consumer the best already available design and product for e-commerce and retail, with the best matching between consumer body morphology and use, and physical goods.
  2. to adapt goods (only the ones which can be somehow modified in shape – for ex car seats) on the basis of specific consumer morphology. It’s the specific case of sharing economy model.
  3. to design goods on the basis of the information about consumer morphology and use, to  produce made to measure goods for the specific consumer (preferences, needs, disabilities, etc…) and, at aggregated level, to design the products which better fit for a certain group of population (age, use habits, safety, social data, home characteristics, use and needs, etc…).