Public show of the Morpheos Prototype

How can your e-business benefit of Morpheos?

Either If your company sells services or goods, and they can be enhanced by knowing the morphotype (body shape and measures) and preferences of your customers, you can benefit from Morpheos; two examples:

  • If you have a fashion e-commerce:
    • ISizeYou will take into account the fitting style of the user to select the right size
    • ISizeYou will always suggest at best, choosing among all the available sizes, each time you are going to purchase online a piece of clothing.
  • If you have a furniture e-commerce:
    • ISizeYou will provide you information about how each product adapts to the morphology of the client
    • ISizeYou will allow to sort the products considering the personal preferences of the client, thus facilitating the searching and selecting effort
  • ISizeYou will learn from the user selection experience in order to integrate the personal preferences with accuracy in the product selection pipeline
  • Check the web for further details about the use benefits of the Platform

How to test MORPHEOS if you are a retailer/company and you want to integrate it in your e-business pipeline:

  • Morpheos provides a complete set of tools and addons to easily integrate ISizeYou in your pipeline:
    • Addons to easily integrate in Prestashop or PHP-based CMSs
    • Tools to profile the goods and include them in the ISizeYou functionality
  • Contacting with the main exploitation partner: IDeal, and they will explain in detail the integration process. You can contact either through the ISizeYou  website: or through the contact section in this website.

How to test MORPHEOS if you are an END USER:

Now you can test the Morpheos platform, in real scenario and checking its great functionality. Morpheos is exploited with the commercial brand ISizeYou; these are the simple steps to try it:

  1. Download and install the mobile app in your smartphone; you will get the best results with the iPhone app, although it will also work in many android devices. You will find it by searching “ISizeYou” in the app store:

  1. In the mobile app, register in ISizeYou; you can do it either with your email address or using your Google, Facebook, Amazon or PayPal account


  1. Create your profile, introducing your personal preferences and automatically measuring you, following the instructions in the app

If you arrive here, you have created your ISizeYou profile!

Now you can try the benefits of using Morpheos by purchasing in the online store of our partner Piacenza Cashmere:

When you browse a product, you can login into ISizeYou and the store will automatically suggest the right size for you. The red square show the entry point to use ISizeYou.

The Consortium is working to introduce the Morpheos functionality in many commercial platforms, enjoy faster and trustier purchases!