Sustainability conference at Intexter

On 22nd of June 2018 was carried the first "Jornada industria textil y sostenibilidad " organized by INTEXTER. Conference addressed to entrepreneurs and designers  from the industrial textile and fashion sector in Spain as well as innovation centers.

Research projects were presented related to the sustainability issues that are taking place at INTEXTER. These are proposals that promote the circular economy, such as natural fibers, the saving and reuse of water or the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Sustainable development, is based, however, on three pillars: the environmental, the social and the economic. In the Textile and Industrial Cooperation Research Institute of Terrassa (INTEXTER) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, we are convinced that the textile sector should address sustainability from an integrative perspective in all its dimensions and not It is limited exclusively to the environmental dimension.

There is, however, a social debate about the sustainability challenges of the textile and fashion sector, as well as an open space for regular meetings between the agents involved: companies, workers, technologists, designers, managers, students and administrations, where they exchange experiences Succeeding and sharing the knowledge that is generated on these issues in universities and research centers.

The "Textiles and Sustainability Industry" day organized annually by INTEXTER, aims to address this dialogue with the necessary pause, rigor and transparency.


Photo : Ajuntament Terrassa